Inspire Purpose in Your Employees

When asked what our purpose in life is, we tend to think of a calling or what we can be committed to. Some examples are being a great parent or making a contribution to your community; that is, some difference you want to make in the world. Sometimes that difference you want to make in the world requires more than yourself, so you form an organization to accomplish that purpose.

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Embrace Ethics in Your Company

So what are your values? Are they communicated and role modeled? Do they inspire trust and confidence in your employees, customers and the community? Do they create a sense of pride and a desire in each employee to achieve greatness? You should care as much about HOW you achieve your goals as you do about achieving them.

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Why Most Training Programs Do Not Work

The management team decides the only way to improve the issue is to hire someone and have that someone come to their location and “teach, educate, motivate, or train” a group of employees in the room to do something better, different, more often, less often, or whatever within several hours. The overall objective is to fix the problem they are dealing with and have not been able to resolve with current methods.

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