Cybersecurity and Small Business

It’s nearly impossible these days for businesses to operate without the help of Internet-connected devices, which exposes them to cybercrime. It’s the small- to medium-sized businesses that are especially vulnerable: half are victims of cybercrime and nearly two-thirds of those victims go out of business. Hackers increasingly target small businesses because there is a low risk they will be caught and a high probability they will be successful.

Are YOU at RISK?

Saying No the Correct Way

Most business professionals face a daily dilemma when serving others. This challenge occurs more times than we’d care to admit.  A business transaction may be moving ahead smoothly, and then the customer stops to ask a question about the product, service or company policies.  Then anxiety builds up inside. You would prefer to say “Yes,.” or “Certainly, our product can do that.”, or “I can ship it today.” But you will not utter any of those phrases today because you must speak the truth.

Can YOU say NO?