TACCA Board President Matt Freund on TACCA and the HVAC Industry

It is that time again in Texas! When temperatures begin to climb, HVAC companies know that their busy season is starting and it is going to last for a solid six months or more. While sagacious owners strive to balance their workload throughout the year, there is no doubt that the cooling season in Texas is the most busy, most stressful, and hopefully the most profitable time of the year.

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Are Sites Like Home Advisor or Angie’s List Worth the Expense?

I know a lot of contractors don’t think highly of online referral services, but at AccuTemp we’ve had great success with that avenue. We’ve put a lot of effort into our marketing strategy, committing about 5 percent of our annual revenue to it. Most of that is going to online marketing where potential clients can easily see reviews from multiple sources. The emphasis on providing top quality service through our review efforts has really paid off for us.